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Strive is:
PJ Groft- Vocals/Guitar
Dustin Muller- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Rich Lipski-Bass/Vocals
Shawn Marchio- Drums
Lee Groft- Percussion


Quoted years ago in Leisure Guitarist PJ said that growing up in Adams County had a real impact on him emotionally and musically, "Back then the counties in South Central Pa were real separated, there were walls between the counties, I mean not real visible or block or anything but walls, kinda like 2 x 4's or something. I'll never forget the first time that I heard York County music, it was incredible and I knew right there that I wanted to do something, anything, within the Warm 103 organization." To fulfill those dreams PJ attended the New York School of Performing Mimes. Following Miming the act of urinating on the Fern County Courthouse he was kicked out and just started playing music........ 

Following stints with Black Corn Forever, Pukbut, and Ghetto Possum Records Dustin met up with PJ who was recently kicked out of school.  They started playing.  That's it.  No real good story that we can remember, of course we were young and did drink quite a bit. Dustin plays only stringed guitars and exclusively uses rubber band capos.  When not touring Hanover he enjoys sipping tea in the tiny English village of Lake Meade.

Hailing from the deep southern town of Pittsburgh, PA Rich is the only member of Strive with a full Contract and Rider (to the dismay of his bandmates....).  Besides once owing the bar far more than the band got paid, Rich is also well known for his love of a good mullet.  Yes, Primanti sandwiches are on his Rider.

Lee and PJ's much younger cousin (if they were actually related, but as we said, they're not). Strive's residing rapper.  Although he typically is quite shy, if asked nicely he will break into a whirling rendition of Rappers Delight.  Shawn is Strive's Safety Coordinator.  A little know fact but Strive is Celebrating 120 days without a stage injury.  Thanks Shawn!

"i mean the macaroni's soggy the peas are mushed and the chicken tastes like wood"

No relation to his brother PJ (a common myth) Lee is from Escondido, CA. Never a quitter, after Lee was told (by a man playing the spoons no less)  that "there ain't no bongos in bluegrass" he woodshedded for a year and came back a stronger and more determined player.  He started up the Bongos for Bluegrass Foundation which provides quality percussion instruments for needy and under privileged bluegrass pickers across the country. Lee plays custom goat skin congos developed exclusively for him in Bolivia.